Client: United Greeneries
Roles: Creative Direction, Graphic Design, Illustration
In the dynamic and rapidly evolving cannabis market, brands are constantly seeking ways to stand out and forge meaningful connections with their clientele. United Greeneries, a forward-thinking cannabis company, has embraced this challenge by transcending traditional marketing approaches. They have innovated a unique and engaging method to educate and captivate their consumers through the introduction of Collectible Strain Cards.
The primary obstacle United Greeneries faced was the need for differentiation in the crowded cannabis industry. With numerous brands competing for consumer attention, the company recognized the importance of not only offering high-quality products but also creating a memorable and enriching purchasing experience. They aimed to establish lasting loyalty and a deep-rooted community of informed customers.
We worked with United Greeneries to craft a solution that was both strategic and imaginative. By introducing Collectible Strain Cards, a concept that blends education with the thrill of collecting. Each collectible card served a dual purpose: as a tool for budtenders to facilitate sales through informed discussions, and as a means for consumers to gain a deeper understanding of the cannabis strains they purchase. 
To implement this concept, we developed a series of collectible cards, each detailing a specific cannabis strain offered by the brand. The cards include valuable information about the strain's characteristics, effects, and origins, thus serving as educational assets. Budtenders are encouraged to distribute these cards during transactions, prompting conversations and guiding consumers in their selection process. Meanwhile, consumers relish in the excitement of collecting and learning, which enhances their overall experience and satisfaction.
The introduction of Collectible Strain Cards has proven to be a recipe for success for United Greeneries. The company has seen a significant increase in customer engagement, with an expanding base of loyal and enthusiastic customers. The collectible aspect of the cards has introduced a gamified element to the purchasing experience, leading to repeat visits and increased word-of-mouth promotion. Moreover, the educational value of the cards has empowered consumers with knowledge, leading to more confident purchasing decisions and a stronger connection to the brand.
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