Client: University of British Columbia (UBC)
Roles: Creative Direction, Visual Design,  UI/UX Design
The University of British Columbia sought to enhance its Indigenous Teacher Education Program (NITEP), aiming to provide a more accessible and interactive learning experience for its students. The project's primary goal was to develop a user-friendly mobile application that could serve as a comprehensive educational tool for the NITEP community.
UBC's NITEP program faced several challenges that needed to be addressed through the application:
• Lack of centralized access to program resources and materials.
• Need for a streamlined communication channel for students and faculty.
• Absence of an interactive platform to engage students in the program's cultural and educational activities.
Approach and Solutions
Creative Direction and Design Roles were crucial in ensuring the project's success.
Creative Direction: We employed a storytelling approach, integrating Indigenous art and narratives into the app to reflect the program's cultural heritage.
Design: We developed a clean, intuitive user interface that emphasized ease of navigation and user engagement.
We included features such as a resource library, event calendar, and forums to foster a sense of community and provide essential tools for education.
Accessibility features were a priority, ensuring that the app was usable by individuals with varying levels of technical proficiency and physical abilities.
Through thoughtful creative direction and meticulous design, we delivered a solution that not only met the practical needs of the program but also honoured its cultural values. The app stands as a testament to the power of technology in enriching educational programs and fostering community.
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